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Don’t let End of life IT assets be wasteful on Earth. Crushing, burning or landfilling is not enough. Our service is A MUST security process. Our standard methods of destruction by physically destroying a hard disk, with our NOTARY Certificated attached, make sure your confidential data is completely destroyed. These services are often used by businesses and individuals to securely dispose of old, end of life or unwanted hard drives, particularly when the data stored on them is sensitive or confidential.


Secure and completely data erasure with DoD, NIST and other standards in order to guarantee your data is sanitized. We provide industry-leading software with only a Common Criteria Certified EAL 2+ that maximizes the valuation of IT asset recovery while protecting your data & the global environment. We provide certification together with our NOTARY Certification attached that the data has been permanently erased, which can be important for regulatory compliance or security purposes.

The key reasons of data sanitization

Tech Refresh
End of Leasing
Data Leak Prevention
Data Hygiene
End of Life Assets
Cloud Migration
Data Lifecycle Management
Risk Mitigation
Data Protection
Data Governance
Data Privacy
Second Hand Market
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We Secure Your Confidential Data, No Matter Your Industry

Every business, regardless of size or industry, has valuable and confidential information that needs protection. We offer comprehensive data security solutions to safeguard your most sensitive data from unauthorized access and public exposure like personal data, payroll data, revenue forecasts, student records, transcripts, patient information, medical records, intellectual property such as your artworks, movies and music.

Our expertise extends across various sectors, including:

Our Certifications

You can be confident that you have access to the leading solutions in the data erasure and diagnostic industry. 
Below are the approved and recognized certifications.
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